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Chief Building Officials Services

Within the realm of municipal building departments, the role of the Chief Building Official (CBO) is pivotal, yet often comes with its own set of challenges. Shortages of qualified CBOs, staying current with ever-evolving regulations, and resolving code-related disputes can all test the resilience of building departments. At RSM, we recognize these challenges and offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. Whether you're seeking an experienced CBO to guide your department, up-to-date insights on regulations, or a skilled mediator for disputes, our team is here to support you.

Common Problems Municipalities Face and the solutions that we provide

Problem CBO Shortages

Some municipalities struggle to find qualified Chief Building Officials to oversee and manage building departments, potentially leading to compliance and operational challenges.

Solution Experienced CBO Services

Our experienced professionals can step in to fulfill the role of Chief Building Official, providing expert guidance, overseeing operations, and ensuring code compliance.

Problem Regulatory Updates

Staying up to date with the constantly evolving building codes and regulations can be overwhelming for municipal staff, resulting in potential gaps in compliance.

Solution Regulatory Expertise

We stay on top of the latest OBC updates and regulations, providing municipalities with accurate information and helping them stay compliant with the law.

Problem Conflict Resolution

Disputes related to building code interpretations and enforcement can arise, requiring an unbiased and experienced party to resolve them.

Solution Dispute Resolution

With a wealth of knowledge in building codes and regulations, we offer unbiased insights to resolve conflicts and disputes related to code interpretations and enforcement.

Solution Training and Mentorship

We offer training sessions and individualized mentorship to help municipal staff understand and implement building codes effectively, promoting a culture of compliance within the organization.

Complete support for your community's building department.

Chief Building Officials Projects

RSM Building Consultants has provided Chief Building Officials services to multiple projects across Ontario.

Moosonee OPP


Chief Building Official Services

Roxanne Drive Apartments


Plans Examination

Groves Mill Hospital

Township of Centre Wellington

Plans Examination

Municipalities we provide Chief Building Official Services

What our clients are saying

Chris Peck

Chief Building Official
I’d lost a staff member, our numbers were through the roof, our services levels were going down. We were struggling to keep up, and then we lost that person; then it just became untenable. Throughout the years I’ve been aware of what Gerald’s doing, and what he’s doing now really fit in with the needs that I had. He’s the guy I turned to. When we can’t deal with the workload with the personnel we have on staff, we turn to Gerald, whether through helping out with plan review or building inspections; that’s the assistance that he provides.

We work as part of your team – only when you need it.