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Our Expertise

The team at RSM consists of handpicked experts from across Ontario, each bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. With a deep-rooted experience in the province's construction field, we possess a proven track record of excellence. Trust our seasoned professionals to guide you, ensuring your projects and building department operations succeed and stand out.

Our Team

What our clients are saying

Richard Weidhaus

Chief Building Official
The requirement that we asked of RSM was something like 20 permits per week, for six to eight weeks—they said no problem, and they did it. They’re closing in on 170 reviews they’ve done for us (in 2020). We asked them to do 20 per week—that’s a lot. I think their communication is probably their biggest asset, I was excited that their process was established, it worked well, and I never had to call on them and check on them—they provided us with an email every step of the way.

Chris Peck

Chief Building Official
I’d lost a staff member, our numbers were through the roof, our services levels were going down. We were struggling to keep up, and then we lost that person; then it just became untenable. Throughout the years I’ve been aware of what Gerald’s doing, and what he’s doing now really fit in with the needs that I had. He’s the guy I turned to. When we can’t deal with the workload with the personnel we have on staff, we turn to Gerald, whether through helping out with plan review or building inspections; that’s the assistance that he provides.

Daniel Prest

Chief Building Official
What RSM does is they focus and concentrate on a certain area (of the code)…it’s really quite interesting in that Gerald obviously does a lot of research on his subject…you can see he’s put the effort into it, and it’s not just reading off of a presentation board. You can see that he knows his topics. His style is an excellent way to teach adults—and he respects some of the feedback he’s getting because a lot of us do have a lot of experience and I imagine it’s quite a challenge for Gerald because he knows his audience is not just 18-year-old students who’ve never done anything. And if he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll get back to you. Gerald (RSM) will find a lot of eastern Ontario municipalities are signing on for the same reasons I am—because it’s good, focused training and it doesn’t drain our budget.

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