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Turnkey Support for Small Communities

Remote and small municipalities face unique challenges in retaining qualified building officials often due to location and competition of larger municipalities. RSM can provide an all in one solution to bring your department up to speed.

Common Problems that Small Municipalities Face

  • Limited, inexperienced, or underqualified staff
  • Lack of available support from neighbouring municipalities
  • Inability to communicate with project stakeholders effectively.
  • No time for adequate enforcement
  • Disorganized filing system
  • Outdated bylaws that result in reduced profit

RSM’s Turnkey Support Solution


Plans Review

Comprehensive review per OBC, marked up and RSM stamped plans provided for permit issuance

Remote Permit Coordination

RSM will review application submissions and be the point of contact for the applicant.

File Organization and Process Optimization

Using Cloudpermit, working on applications, and finding information is easier than ever. All information is available in one place and updated in real time. Multiple permits for one property can be linked together with ease.


CBO Services

Short term or long term, we have you covered. Using Cloudpermit, the process of issuing a permit is streamlined.

Zoning Review

RSM can provide zoning review according to your bylaw when municipal staff are unavailable.

Applicable Law Review

RSM can review your applicable by-laws and fees to ensure your department is up to date.


Virtual Inspections

We work with homeowners, builders, or a non- qualified members of your team to conduct virtual inspections anywhere cell service/wifi is available. Our experienced inspectors review approved plans before the inspection and have honed their skills to allow for precise directions/camera angles during inspection to gain confidence of Building code compliance.

Training and Mentorship

We provide online or in person training as well as ongoing Mentorship or 'as needed' basis for all building department positions, including administration and CBO

The Results

  • Increased department efficiency
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Safer buildings in your community
  • Staff development and increased retention rates

We offer the knowledge and resources of specialized seasoned associates.

Turnkey Support Projects

RSM Building Consultants has provided electronic plan reviewing services to multiple projects across Ontario.

Roxanne Drive Apartments


Plans Examination

Groves Mill Hospital

Township of Centre Wellington

Plans Examination

Municipalities we provide turnkey support for

What our clients are saying

Richard Weidhaus

Chief Building Official
The requirement that we asked of RSM was something like 20 permits per week, for six to eight weeks—they said no problem, and they did it. They’re closing in on 170 reviews they’ve done for us (in 2020). We asked them to do 20 per week—that’s a lot. I think their communication is probably their biggest asset, I was excited that their process was established, it worked well, and I never had to call on them and check on them—they provided us with an email every step of the way.

We provide individualized support to Municipal Building Departments.