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Specialized Services

Often building departments struggle with keeping the fees for building permits, by-laws and websites up to date with the ever-changing needs to the customer and department as well as OBC requirements. Creating and updating these types of projects are time consuming and don’t often fit into the day-to-day priorities when there are many other aspects such as inspections and plans review and that take precedence on staff time.

We offer the knowledge and resources of specialized seasoned associates.

Specialized Services Projects

RSM Building Consultants has provided electronic plan reviewing services to multiple projects across Ontario.

Roxanne Drive Apartments


Plans Examination

Groves Mill Hospital

Township of Centre Wellington

Plans Examination

Municipalities we provide specialized services for

What our clients are saying

Chris Peck

Chief Building Official
I’d lost a staff member, our numbers were through the roof, our services levels were going down. We were struggling to keep up, and then we lost that person; then it just became untenable. Throughout the years I’ve been aware of what Gerald’s doing, and what he’s doing now really fit in with the needs that I had. He’s the guy I turned to. When we can’t deal with the workload with the personnel we have on staff, we turn to Gerald, whether through helping out with plan review or building inspections; that’s the assistance that he provides.

We provide individualized support to Municipal Building Departments.