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Building Plans Review

At RSM, we understand the challenges municipalities can face when it comes to plans review. With a team of experts well-versed in the intricacies of the Ontario Building Code, we offer solutions that not only ensure your projects meet standards but also streamline the approval process. With the help of our RSM ePortal, we can effectively and efficiently review projects of any scope. We are a one stop shop to help improve your capabilities, only when you need us.

Common Problems Municipalities Face and the solutions that we provide

Problem Limited Resources

Municipal building departments may struggle with limited staff and resources, making it difficult to perform thorough and timely plans reviews.

Solution Comprehensive Review

Our experienced team conducts meticulous reviews of building plans, ensuring they meet all OBC requirements. We identify and address discrepancies, minimizing delays in the approval process.

Solution Fast Turnaround

Our dedicated approach and streamlined processes allow us to deliver prompt plans review services, helping to expedite the approval process and keep projects on track.

Problem Inaccurate Submissions

Municipalities often receive building plans that are incomplete, inaccurate, or not in compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC), leading to delays and additional review cycles.

Solution Code Expertise

With our deep understanding of the OBC, we offer expert guidance to ensure plans are compliant from the start, reducing the risk of costly revisions later in the project.

Problem Code Compliance Challenges

Many plans lack adherence to the complex and evolving OBC regulations, resulting in potential safety risks, legal complications, and project setbacks.

Solution Collaborative Support

We work closely with architects, designers, and project teams, offering constructive feedback and guidance to enhance plans and resolve potential issues before submission and during review.

Solution Alternative Solution Review

We specialize in conducting Alternative Solution Reviews. Our expert team navigates the complexities of the Ontario Building Code to evaluate safe and efficient alternatives, streamlining the approval process.

We offer the knowledge and resources of specialized seasoned associates.

Building Plans Review Projects

RSM Building Consultants has provided electronic plan reviewing services to multiple projects across Ontario.

Monaco Condo Project


Plans Examination

Long Term Care & Nursing Facility


Plans Examination & Building Inspections

St. Joseph’s Health Care

Central Elgin

Plans Examination & Building Inspections

North Huron OPP

North Huron

Plans Examination

Paramedic HQ


Plans Examination

Roxanne Drive Apartments


Plans Examination

Groves Mill Hospital

Township of Centre Wellington

Plans Examination

Municipalities we provide building plan reviews for

What our clients are saying

Richard Weidhaus

Chief Building Official
The requirement that we asked of RSM was something like 20 permits per week, for six to eight weeks—they said no problem, and they did it. They’re closing in on 170 reviews they’ve done for us (in 2020). We asked them to do 20 per week—that’s a lot. I think their communication is probably their biggest asset, I was excited that their process was established, it worked well, and I never had to call on them and check on them—they provided us with an email every step of the way.

We provide individualized support to Municipal Building Departments.